The smartest data traveler of all time! Long lasting and durable product brought to you on a very low price scale.

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Data travelers are a very important, smart and elegant device created. There was a time when data had to be traveled through the use of papers, in that process there were many risks involved in carrying data from one place to another. There was a time when paper was utilized in a large quantity, in which nature was being harmed. Well those days are over; as manufacturers and top level produces have worked effectively and by working responsibly they created a gadget that reduced the use of papers to a very minimal scale. Imagine now all documentations can be sent in one device without wasting paper and ink. In that way we keep nature smiling and protect our world from global warming.

The Kingston Data Traveler Hyper X Predator USB Flash drive is a smart looking device that has been built for a special use in the business world. As the feature of this spacious device is great and its detachable hard disk has helped us store all our personal and business related files in it. Imagine you are hassle free you do not have to pick up any heavy documentation; in fact you can pick up this stylish designed gadget that will add a more professional touch.

This great device is available in different sizes and colors; it is perfectly designed for your requirement. Purchase this item from Dealaboo web store that has brought you this absolute brilliant device at a very reasonable price.


Google special! Google joint venture in collaboration with giants in the computer manufacturing industry releasing Google’s touch Chrome book.

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Google does not need any kind of introduction; we all know its reputation in the world today, while they are on the verge of creating a more convenient digital world by contributing their products and services. Seeing the advancement in technology we are all shocked because we never expected technology grow so much because at time we knew these things as science fiction and often so it in movies.


Well it is all happening with a very fast pace, Google Inc standing tall and has collaborated with Samsung and Acer another giants who have been producing stunning innovative devices and gadgets. Samsung and Acer are launching the Google touch Chrome Book which is a durable and an elegant machine. It is a smart gadget that is being created in accordance to the needs of the current world.

These stylish machines have created a panic in the market and most of us are looking to personalize one. The new Google touch Chrome book strongly built by Acer and Samsung, it is like computing all on a new level. The machine is a sleek and smart machine which will be grey and black in color. Well there is something new to this machine, as we know that Google has collaborated with the giants in the smart gadget industry. This series the software would be compatible to Google chrome browser; which should make the system boot in 8 seconds until it is ready to use.

The Best winter Sales of all time make your way at the end of winter season; those last few coveted items are simply amazing!

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The end of winter is near, as we wave bye to winter there is a huge sale opportunity for winter apparel, shoes and accessories. This is the best time to make up for all that you could not purchase in the start of the winter season. The elite collections of goods are brought to you by fantastic brands on the globe.Screenshot_1

There are many apparel clothes that could be mixed and matched, so it could be useful for the spring season. How about the leather rain boots or the binocular jacket that would be very handy while going on an adventurous hunt, you can avail this deal on immaculate offers. The item listed on this store is stylish and durable. Classic items listed in his store. If you are looking forward to purchase anything else go ahead you “think it and we have it”

Those elite leather jackets, beautifully designed apparel are mind blowing, the offer is huge and on a special offer by top of the line vendors. All you need to is log onto a computer and visit the web store and you would be glad that you logged in, because what this store has in line for you is simply unbelievable

Wear Rolex the stylish and Swiss designed watch and symbolize your life with dealaboo.

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Owning a Rolex is not everyone’s thingy; well here is a chance to own an original Rolex on a 59% off only on dealaboo. Wear that stylish and Swiss designed watch and symbolize your life.


Rolex is one of the most well known brands in the whole world, seriously to own a Rolex is like having a dream come true. This master piece is a Swiss brand and is known to symbolize a status of a person. The brand is one of the largest single luxury brands that has a turnover of bullions of dollars annually. Business week magazines ranks this master piece 71st topping every other rival challenger in watches. The watch can cost you from hundred dollars and could price up to a hundred thousand dollars.

The company was founded in 1905 and in 1915 the company was registered, the brand was created with style, innovation, durability, intelligence and creativity. There are number of models of the wrist watch that would water your mouth. Rolex has 3 watch lines, Oyster Perpetual, Professional and Cellini.


Rolex are timeless luxurious watches that have been built very elegantly. Stylish designs different gem stones used by this brand that makes these watches very expensive. However if you are wearing a gemstone attractive design you would steal anyone’s show easily.

The online web market has a huge demand for brands like Rolex, Tag heuer, Sieko etc. check out your favorite web store dealaboo to purchase these amazing list of products.

Blackberry has always aimed higher and launching its new product is reclaiming its spot as an innovator in the whole world.

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The world of communication has expanded over the years, leaving every other technology stunned. There were many cellular phone companies that opened launched but would not be able to survive. The future for business professional’s phone was launched known as the Black berry the smart phone for all smart business professionals. This cellular device has features and functions that are vast and wide which completes the needs of every professional. Black berry was the first smart phone introduced that promoted cellular phones and computer technology together. The first Black Berry device was the model 850, which seemed to be a pager, after a couple of years blackberry launched a cellular phone which supported text messaging, push email, mobile telephone, Internet faxing and Web browsing.

blackberry-10-bold-full-touchSoon BlackBerry became a huge success with its smart invention it launched many models after that improving its standard, technology, design, features, functions and many more. The cellular device has become very famous with the people around the world. The service known as BBM had a total different experience which allowed customers to stay in contact from seven seas across. BlackBerry is aiming to reclaim its spot as an Innovator invention in the world by launching their new cellular device with touch sense. The phone is currently set its standard and over twenty million devices have been shipped to different parts of the world. is bringing you these innovative devices on reasonable prices.

Turn your home into paradise with a more dust free environment with durable and strong Dyson vacuum cleaner machines.

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Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the top of the line products known for cleaning. This particular item has developed technologies that have helped individuals to maintain a more hygienic environment. The struggle to invent this engineered master piece was done by James Dyson; however the struggle to invent these machines was inspired out of frustration because the Hoover Vacuum junior that he owned malfunctioned most of the time. The problem that he faced with his machines was mainly the suction issue and dirt clogging issue.


With these problems that he faced regularly developed an idea of a bag less machine. So after five years of determination and dedication he was able to create a machine with a cyclonic separation. Dyson launched the first product known as G-Force bag less cleaners which eventually failed its launch in the United Kingdom. All Dyson did changed his marketing strategy and launched the same product from Japan, which actually turned the tables for James and brought him success.

Here are a few things that you could consider while purchasing Dyson Vacuum Cleaners:

The place that you reside at, does it have different types of floorings?

Vacuums cleaners are engineered to clean all floor types, regardless if the floor would be off tiles, carpets, hardwood etc. the brush bar can be turned off for all floors, the brush would actually help your vacuum to deep clean your surface, keeping a more healthy environment. Tired of changing bags and would like a bag-less machine?


These machines are built without any insertion of bags in your vacuum cleaner; Dyson brings you a wide range of collection on machines that are canister type which keeps your hands clean and you do not have to change or purchase bags frequently.

Do you have Pets?

This is one major issue all vacuum cleaners have, pets at home have a tendency of hair fall which get stuck to materials or fall in places where your hand wouldn’t reach easily. The Dyson machine has developed a technology to say Bye! Bye! to dirt and dust. The machine would pull out every single particle from the most difficult places in your home.

Check out the collection of these durable and powerful machines at, which would suck the dirt out of your home and offices.

Why is Valentine’s Day so special? Why is it celebrated by all the people who are in love and why do they express their love on this day?

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A little history of the day how it all began and who was St Valentine’s, there are 3 stories that relate to the story. However in all three stories it is said that St Valentine was a Catholic Christian priest and always believed in peace, love and harmony. Although in the first legendary story is said to be that St. Valentines was a priest who was in Rome and Rome was ruled under Emperor Claudius II who was a hard hearted man, who always used his army to fight battles but his soldiers were to sad and didn’t want to join his army because of their wives, children’s and family. The Emperor passed a rule that there would not be any marriages that will take place in Rome. St Valentine did not agree to this rule. He held marriages privately and as soon as the emperor came to know he threw him into a dungeon where he was beheaded on the 14th of February 207A.D.


The second legends proclaims that St Valentine was a priest that loved children while children loved him a lot, but the emperor never liked him because after being warned preached Christianity and therefore he was put into prison. The children missed him so much that they often threw notes in the prison through the bars. The Emperor’s blind daughter named Julia always bought him children’s note and one fine day he fell in love with his daughter. Before he was put to death he expressed his love to through a love letter which actually gained her eye sight, as he was put to death by the emperor on the 14th February.

The third legendary story is said to be a priest who turned into a bishop and with all his fame and popularity. He was a famous priest that was very enthusiastic and delivered the word of God, where he managed to convert many Romans to Catholics. The news reached Rome and the emperor harassed him to surrender his faith and pay homage to the Gods of Rome, which he refused to do so. He also refused the emperors order and allowed a pagan man and a Christian woman to perform the holy bondage of marriage. He was put to death on 14th February and the day is celebrated till this very day in a village of Italy.

2013 Super Bowl anticipation drives sales upwards into charts and as expected before season ends it would rise even higher.

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There is a huge question on who is going to have a glorious victory in the super bowl 2013 this season. There are plenty of teams participating in the league this year however there is going to be just two teams that it would be decided between. The champions of NFL (National Football League) or the champions of AFL (American Football League), the super bowl is an amazing event which helps many players in promoting their states and even helps in other terrestrial affairs.


A brief history on the events and how it came into being:

This game is being played since 1967 and it is held in the late summer season, when teams compete for different national leagues. The term super bowl was an agreement between NFL and its rival AFL in the year 1967, where they merged and signed an agreement which was made official in the year 1970 and the agreement was named as the “conference”.

The record of most wins is with NFC (National Football Conference) other than the American Football Conference the ratios of the super bowl league is with NFC with 25 wins to 22 wins. The bowl game is considered to be one of the largest event held in United States. The day super bowl is about to commence you would hardly find anyone doing anything else rather watching the match. With this craze of football, this day is considered by folks as a de facto American national holiday, is called “Super Bowl Sunday”. It is the second holiday is United States that food is consumed the most, after thanks giving. The game is also the most frequently watched American broadcast of the year.

The shows is now being broad casted by many media channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox entertainment. This year the game was held on 3rd February 2013. In which the two teams that participated Baltimore Ravens who scored 34 points and won San Francisco 49ers who managed to score just 31points. The game was quite close but the Baltimore ravens won with a small margin that claimed them victorious and reigning champions.

Every year shopping for the super bowl also increases because there are many fans that follow this event. A lot of apparel that is sold at this time of the year, jerseys, shoes, gears etc is sold at huge deals and super hot offers. This year there has been a prediction that the sales would definitely rise and it seems like shopping for items has increased over the past few days.

Online shopping portals benefited the most because of the deals and offers were simply out class. However was one of the super stores that had superb deals and coupons that benefited consumers the most, because the deals provided on this very store was way reasonable than other web stores.

Expect great things from Kohl’s web store, elite products launched with affiliation with Dealaboo

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Kohl’s is a corporation that is purely built on character, with a motive to provide services that consumers and clients will never ever forget. The services that are provided by Kohl’s are spectacular, the product line that they share are from top most merchants around the world.

They are famous for unique items that have been placed in their stores. The establishment of this retailer store was built in 1962 in the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin state area. In 1998 it was considered to be in the top 50 retailer stores list. After a struggle of 12 years this super store was rated one of the best retailers in 2011, a record struck as it became the 4th largest retailer in United States in the term of sales. It generated revenue of about 18 billion dollars.

The stores are based in almost every city and every location of United States, and the shipping service is the best you can ever imagine. The standard ground shipping is between 3-6 Business days, Priority air shipping is between 2-3 business days, APO/FPO Delivery & Alaska/Hawaii Delivery10-15 business days.

Dealaboo in affiliation with Kohl’s have listed various promotional deals and offers that are displayed on their website which are simply fantastic, with standard free shipping on all orders above $75 only in United States. The promotional coupons are also one big catch that many benefit from because coupons are super saving options. There are several categories that are listed on this web store which includes beddings, women items, men items, kids, teens, shoes jewelry, and sports items.

The purpose of buying from Dealaboo’s store because the super store moves with a great motivational spirit, in which they believe in providing with a more swift service with items that are outstanding and great. Kohl’s would like to develop a place where an individual can gain a career growth with its sharp edge as their marketing strategy is simply fabulous.

If you want to impress your little angel on her birthday the Barbie doll collection and accessories is the perfect gift, which would impress your angel.

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The first Barbie Doll was introduced in 1959; the doll carried a feature that was very different from other Dolls. We have seen with passage of time the doll has become a great inspiration for the little angels in your house. Little girls are so fascinated with this master piece that they often think that it is a real person. If you have seen any little girl playing with her Barbie doll, she would be so particular about on how to dress her doll for the occasion, with an incredible range of apparel, shoes, and accessories.

Barbie dolls have become a regular play mate for children, as our naughty angels love to buy everything that is lined with Barbie’s. Manufacturers have now introduced various doll houses, home appliances, cosmetics and many more. The little angels purchase series of Barbie dolls and they have tea parties, dinners and many get togethers. With all these great toys they now have a new friend named Ken who is a male doll and is loved by many little girls.

If you have ever checked there are thousands of apparel, shoes, accessories, Doll houses and cosmetics that are available. Barbie itself has so many clothes style, Barbie loves the beach, Barbie is now launched a doll that is a total working lady. This actually helps groom little angels to shape themselves up in a more stylish world.

The Barbie doll accessories are very small in size and can be easily swallowed by an infant. Therefore it is recommended that children above 3 years should actually play with Barbie and her friends.